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5 Genius Photography hacks you need to try NOW !

Photography is such an art and if done right, can lead you to places. Quiet often, we struggle getting the right photos because we either don't have the studio set up or enough photography knowledge.

Here are a few secrets that can change your photography game altogether without spending a bomb. Oh, Did I forget to mention? These are completely beginner friendly and anybody out there can rock these tricks.

Hack No. 1 : Sweep Trick for a Clean Background.

To begin with, I'll tell you what a sweep is. When you try shooting on the floor, do you see a horizon like where the wall touches the floor? That makes the background of the image look unprofessional as it creates an unnecessary shadow in the background.

This can be fixed with a super easy Sweep technique.

All you need is 2 stiff boards (could be a cardboard) - preferably white and one flexible material like a foam, muslin, canvas, or a poster board.

Lay the two boards perpendicular to each other creating a 90 degree and seal it with a tape to firm up. Now, take the poster board and lay it on the vertical board in a way that the board sweeps away on the horizontal board creating a curve. Now to secure the poster board on the vertical cardboard, use a tape and leave the bottom half flowy. Now place the object on the sweep and VOILA! your clean and classy image is ready.

Image Source: Pinterest

You can also experiment with different colored poster boards for colorful background effects.

Hack No. 2: Get your favourite Backdrop with a Laptop.

Now this one's our personal favorite hack. All you need is a Laptop and a black sheet - it could also be a book cover... We prefer a glossy one. Clean the laptop screen to ensure there are no fingerprints in there.

Choose your favorite background effect from the internet and stack your black sheet on the keypad to create a base for your product to lay on. Now on one of the sides place a clear white sheet vertically and place a source of light behind the white sheet. This will give a soft light to the product. Place the product onto the black sheet and there you go, you have an absolutely lovely background for your product.

Image Source: Pinterest

Try clicking with as many backgrounds you like and no one will be able to tell its not done at a studio.

Hack No. 3 : No Lightbox, No problem!

Now lightbox is an equipment that disperses soft light to your product without creating harsh shadows.

Now this problem can be easily solved by using just a white sheet of paper and a tape.

Choose a cloudy day and Place a white sheet of paper against a Window as shown in the image below and secure it with a tape.The sunlight should pass through the paper.

Now place your subject in front of the paper and switch your camera to Av mode (aperture to f/8, set the ISO to 100). After that, go to the Exposure compensation and dial in +1 or +2, check your focus and shoot. And there you have a lightbox effect without the light box.

Image source: Pinterest

Hack No. 4 : Business Card for a Bounce Flash ?

You'll need just a white business card and a camera, ofcourse.

Place the business card in a 45 degree angle right on top of the lens ensuring it stands diagonally between the open flash and the lens and SHOOT!

This will act as a flash light bouncer and diffuse the light necessary for the image and bounce back.

Image source: Pinterest

Hack No. 5 : DIY Lens Filter.

Filters are everywhere and its such an instagram gimmick. This hack will make your instagram feed 10X better instantly.

All you need is a clear plastic board or an OHP sheet and some colorful markers

Cut the OHP Sheet in the size of your lens and scribble your favourite color randomly on the sheet. Place the sheet in front of the lens and there you go ! You will now have lovely filters on your photos.

Image Source: Pinterest

Looks amazing, isn't ?

Now that you know all our secrets to photography, do try them out and let us know which one was your favorite. Ready to Roll?

Do not forget to follow this space for more such fun content.

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