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Minimal Advertisements at its BEST !

Minimalism is the latest gimmick and here are a few famous brands that give minimalism a whole new definition.

Let's look at a few of them:

1) McDonald's

Back in 2017, McD came up with a brilliant Idea of using just wrappers to create its minimal yet eye catchy ad campaign in lieu of its tagline 'I'm Lovin' it'.

These series of pictures show the irresistible McD food which disappeared in a jiffy while they were bought to shoot because it was actually Soooooogooood - targeting competitor (KFC's) Tagline. What a hit ! No Words, No Fancy! The Customer's reacted to this with - "We're Lovin' it, literally!

Was it Planned or happened accidentally? We might just never know. Either way 100 Points to McD !


Nivea advertised its Night Cream like a genius, really. Just a half-opened circular tin with its oyster white cream flashing from beneath creating an impression of a crescent moon to depict Night. The brain behind this Idea needs a hats off, truly.

Again, No Slogans, No exaggeration. Just to the point but Wow.

Well Done, Nivea.


Coca Cola launched its bigger can and unlike the normal advertising claiming - "Now Bigger, 15% Larger, 30% More etc" It came up with a smart idea portraying a Giraffe to show the extra length of the can just like the animal's trait to height.

Have a look!

Who could have thought of this? I'm blown by this idea!


Audi released a video for its ad campaign wherein someone hangs 4 car keys one by one on the key holder and simultaneously revealing the keys that to belong their competitor's brand. The four key rings arranged together forms the Audi logo and the video ends with a bang saying - "All these car features just in One Audi" *Claps*

Here's a snippet from the video.

We love how Audi never fails to surprise us in this Brand War. Can't wait to see more such crazy ads !


Burger King and McD Brand Wars have always been in the news and here's just another.Burger King introduced new table-napkins where they show their

mocking on the Burger Size of McD. But the way they've done it, is Mind-Blowing !

What a Slash! 200 Points to you, Burger King....

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