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Color Color what color do you choose? We often tend to make color choices, even when we don’t realize. But unlike the usual times, choosing the color best for your business can be challenging.

But don’t worry, color theory has never been a rocket-science. This 3 min read will help you understand colors better and also let you choose the Best color for your Brand.

Did you know? A Human eye can see approximately 10 million colors .... But the ability to detect and discriminate color varies from person to person. And here’s why primary colors come into the picture.

Out of 10 million colors, most human beings get attracted towards the Primary colors - Red, Blue & Yellow.

Now why these colors are known as primary colors is because they are independently formed and are also the parents of any other color that could be possibly made.

Here's a simple Pictorial representation of the color wheel:

The inner triangle in the picture depicts the three primary colors and and the outer three triangles depict the secondary colors (which are formed by mixture of primary colors)

Tertiary colors are the mixture of primary and a secondary color.

Fun Fact: Human babies see only in black and white after the first 90 days of their birth. The next color that they start seeing is Red.

A) Why is choosing the right color so crucial for business? The eye catches color before anything else. The right balance of tones,shades and hues is crucial to ensure that the eye stays on the color for a longer time.

"A good color appeal can draw human attention from a competitors brand to yours"

Remember, that a color well known to the public makes the product acceptance faster and gains trust. ''A bad product with good color scheme sells faster than a good product with bad color scheme’’ To catch the customers attention, you will HAVE to have a color that is appealing and versatile all at once.

B). Color Theory and psychology.

The top 5 universally acceptable colors are:

a) Red

b) Blue

c) Yellow

d) Green

e) Black

These colors are very easily recognized and remembered by the majority public. But the Cherry on top is , these colors are very easily printable without actually losing its tones and identity.

If your brand doesn’t go well with these top 5 colors, you can also opt for Orange and Purple. These colors also do not trouble printing so much and have a record of good acceptability.

C) Usage of Colors

The color usage of your brand can either be bold or brash, subtle or sophisticated or anything in between.But, a good balance of contrast can draw attention quicker and hold it too. Remember, the color that you pick for your brand will majorly appear on your website, signboard, advertisements, visiting card, letterhead and many more. Make sure you don’t choose a color that you can get bored of easily.

Here’s a visual to explain what each color appeals:

To Conclude, the success behind a brand is marked by a good choice of color and a prominent logo.

Click here to read about Winning Logos !

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